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Big Play with Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy
January 22, 2007
WHO: Tadd Fujikawa
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January 22, 2007

Big Play With Jim Murphy

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WHO: Tadd Fujikawa

WHAT: 330-yard drive

WHERE: 417-yard, par-4 16th at Waialae Country Club

WHEN: Final round of the Sony Open

Most juniors are mechanical and strive for a perfect swing, but not Tadd. He's loose and relies on feel and timing to maximize power from his small body (5'1", 140 pounds). His swing has two quirks: The backswing is very vertical and extended, and he generates power mainly with his arms rather than his body. But it works, as he proved with his bomb at 16. Relying on timing will make Tadd streaky, but his exuberance shows that he relishes the moment and he'll cash in if given the chance.


Add Yards with a Baseball Swing

To maximize distance, take practice swings as if you're swinging a baseball bat. Raise the clubhead so it's in the air between ankle- and waist-high and take a few cuts, swinging as fast as possible. You should hear a whoosh and feel your hands and arms release at the impact point. Then address the ball and swing with the same freewheeling action.

Jim Murphy teaches at Sugar Creek Country Club in Sugar Land, Texas.


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