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September 04, 2006
Philadelphia Story
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September 04, 2006


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Philadelphia Story

As a Philadelphia sports fan I was pleasantly surprised to see not just one but two Philly teams on the cover of the Aug. 14 issue. That one story (Game of Survival) was about fighting (for jobs) and the other (Grime Pays) was about dirt (on a hardworking player's uniform) is in keeping with the spirit of the city--and O.K. with me.

Richard Catrambone, Decatur, Ga.

It was nice to see players on the cover who do not often get recognized. There would not be superstars in the NFL if it were not for these hardworking linemen.

Clay Cummings, Chambersburg, Pa.

Pay Stub

Giants tackle Bob Whitfield (Camp Stinks! Aug. 14) lost me and probably most of working-class America when he said, "Four times during the preseason I have to go out there and give my all--well, almost my all--for $1,200." While teaching summer school, it took many of my colleagues and myself four full weeks to earn almost $1,200 before taxes. In addition, we gave it our all, not almost our all.

Clark Kostohris, Enumclaw, Wash.

Teflon Coaches

Although I've never been in favor of coaches finding new jobs after their school has been put on probation, the case of former basketball coach Jim O'Brien getting paid millions by Ohio State after he was fired for violating NCAA rules is just plain ridiculous (Scorecard, Aug. 14). Maybe when a coach is fired under such circumstances, the punishment for his violations needs to follow him to his new school. That way the school that allowed the cheating to take place is punished, as is the school that hires the wayward coach. It would make schools think twice about hiring someone with a record of cheating, and make coaches think twice about cheating.

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