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The Questions with Eddy Curry
Eddy Curry
January 31, 2005
Bulls Center
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January 31, 2005

The Questions With Eddy Curry

Bulls Center

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What was your welcome-to-the-NBA moment? "My rookie season against Atlanta I got a rebound and went up and dunked on Chris Crawford. I remember I ran down the court screaming and thinking, I can be a presence here."

What was your most embarrassing moment? "My shorts were too big, and when I would go up for a rebound, they'd fall down. I didn't really feel it because I was in the flow of the game. But I had to hear about it from the G.M. [ John Paxson] and the newspapers and everything."

Your favorite off-day activity? "Playing Texas Hold 'em. That's all I do now. I have the World Series of Poker computer game and everything. I play against the computer. I play with friends. I taught my girl. Everyone in my house has to know how to play."

If I were commissioner for a day, I would ... give everyone bonuses.