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Tommie Harris
As told to Andrew Lawrence
October 30, 2006
BEARS Defensive Tackle
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October 30, 2006

Tommie Harris

BEARS Defensive Tackle

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On where the Oct. 16 Monday Night comeback against Arizona ranks among the craziest games he has played

Number 1. We just kept getting things going our way, like we couldn't lose. It was good to have a game like that--it keeps you on your feet and makes you appreciate winning.

On making his fourth-grade peewee football team

I was very overweight [155 pounds], and they told me I couldn't make the team. So I ran around the neighborhood in a plastic bag until I dropped some weight. If you don't have a sweat bag, you make your own. It was something I'd seen my father [Tommie Sr.] do. He had been in the military, and that's how he trained.

On growing up in Texas with Tommie Sr., a Pentecostal minister, and mother, Janie, a former missionary

I rebelled. I ran with the wrong crowd. I've been in juvenile detention centers, alternative schools--everything. But I learned Christ for myself. The thing in life is maturity. Whatever you go through, whether it's relationships, financial issues--anything--your parents can only do so much. There comes a time when you start to realize you're embarrassing Mom and Dad.

On his superstition

I do everything in threes. I eat three blueberry pancakes for breakfast every morning. I always put three pieces of Winterfresh gum in my mouth. I do something else in threes, but I don't want you to think I'm, like, crazy.

On music

I have a record label and a studio [in Chicago] and I sing, but for now it's just a hobby. I sing every year at the Super Bowl gospel celebration. One day maybe I'll come out with an album. My dad had an album out a long time ago. Now he has a quartet, and they travel around and sing.

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