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November 06, 2006
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November 06, 2006

The Pop Culture Grid

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How do sports stars fit in? Best thing you've ever gotten for free Number of cars in your driveway? A pet you're dying to own? I'm secretly afraid of .. Scale of 1 to 10: How much do you want Madonna to adopt you? My ultimate red carpet dream date would be ...
ERIC BARTON Jets LB Nothing Three A big Turner and Hooch dog--a bull mastiff Marshmallow Peeps I'd like to be adopted as her boyfriend Eva Mendes (below)
AL HARRINGTON Pacers F A Cartier watch Seven A monkey and a cheetah Mice 10 Eva Mendes
RYAN SHANNON Ducks RW A Wayne Gretzky hockey stick Zero A liger Not being able to play hockey anymore Zero Rachel McAdams
BRENT BARRY Spurs G An iPod Three Miss July 2005 Big waves One Elle Macpherson

[This article contains a table. Please see hardcopy or pdf.]

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