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Are You Talkin' to Me?
Ben Reiter
November 13, 2006
True tales from the similarly named
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November 13, 2006

Are You Talkin' To Me?

True tales from the similarly named

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Bills WR
Age: 27
6'1", 195

Browns LB
Age: 27
6'1", 254

COINCIDENTALLY, both were drafted by Cleveland in 2002. While Andre' made a splash, Andra was a backup who benefited from his teammate's success. "I'd call to get stuff done around the house--carpet cleaning, things like that--and people would say, 'Good kickoff return,'" Andra recalls. "I'd be like, 'I appreciate it.' Things got done quicker." Now, Andre' is a special-teamer with Buffalo, while Andra is Cleveland's defensive captain. The two are close, and they share a bond. Says Andre', "We're probably the first guys to have their full names on their jerseys."

Seahawks DB
Age: 27
5'11", 190

Falcons CB
Age: 22
6'2", 216

WHILE ATLANTA'S rookie prefers to stay quiet on the subject--"I want to be myself, that's all"-- Seattle's veteran has plenty to say. "I'm the original," he says, "but even my family was like, 'I heard you got traded to Atlanta!' I have cousins there who said, 'Call me when you get here.' I think they've figured it out by now." Several years ago, when the elder Williams was with the 49ers, he says, "There was a James Williams--a D-lineman--and I got his child-support bill in the mail. I was like, Oh, s---, I ain't even got kids. I chewed the mail lady out."

Titans CB
Age: 24
5'11", 185

Dolphins S
Age: 28
5'11", 190

THEY MET for the first time last year, though they were linked earlier when Reynaldo almost succeeded Renaldo at Michigan State. "A coach who was recruiting him said, 'We've had a Renaldo Hill here, so if you come, it will be like we never lost a Renaldo Hill,'" recalls the older Hill. "I think that scared him. He wanted to go where he could start fresh." Reynaldo attended Florida, where folks got confused after Renaldo signed with Miami this year. Reynaldo said, "Everybody called and was like, 'Man, you signed with the Dolphins and you ain't going to tell me?'"