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Second Careers
February 14, 2005
The Builder DEUCE MCALLISTER Saints Running Back
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February 14, 2005

Second Careers

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ON GETTING STARTED When I came into the league [in 1999], I saw players who needed help. I saw guys who made seven-figure salaries, and then one or two years after retirement they would be broke. To me that was not only sad, but also pretty scary. So I started out just giving some guys on the team advice. I came to the conclusion that this is what I wanted to do once I was done playing, so I got my Series 7 and 24 licenses, which allow you to sell securities and to manage and oversee employees.

ON ADVICE TO PLAYERS Spend less. When you come in at a young age and get checks for more than you've ever dreamed of, you think you have all the money in the world. You don't think about the day when you're not earning that kind of money. Guys also get intimidated by the people who come at them with investment advice. Athletes are prime targets. You would be shocked at what comes in our mailboxes. We're talking things like investing in emu. Guys have a hard time distinguishing a good investment from a bad investment.

ON WHO'S LISTENING About 40 of our clients are athletes. We have a few guys on the Dolphins and throughout the league. Also some pro golfers and hockey players. We help with everything: estate planning, health benefits, 401(k)s.

ON WEARING A SUIT Very different from putting on pads, but both are satisfying. The common thread is competition. Either you put on pads and compete physically or you get in front of a client and compete against other wealth managers.

The Entrepreneur
Eagles Linebacker

TROTTER, 28, runs T & I Unisex Salon in Willingboro, N.J., and Trott's Spot Car Wash in Cherry Hill, N.J. He's building two more car washes.

ON HIS SALON I studied business management at Stephen F. Austin, and I had a passion to open my own business. I thought a salon would be an opportunity to get my feet wet. I'm in there every week. I get a haircut and take care of business.

ON EAGLES WHO COME IN Brian Dawkins, Hugh Douglas, L.J. Smith all stop by regularly. Now, [linebacker] Dhani Jones? He needs to swing by.

ON THE CAR WASH A friend of mine, Victor Thomas, was working for another car wash in Cherry Hill, and we became partners. I spent more then a year learning the business and going to car-wash events. They have conventions every summer, the past two in Las Vegas. Everyone in the industry goes and sets up booths to showcase products. New chemicals, tunnel equipment. It's a big deal.

ON HIS MOST POPULAR SERVICE Our LB Blitz package. It's our full-service package for $10.95. We also have the $8.95 price QB Sack package that people like. Our basic wash package costs $6.95 and is called a Safety.

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