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October 09, 2006
Worth the Wait
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October 09, 2006


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Worth the Wait

The first time Ohio State's Ted Ginn Jr. was on the cover of SI (Sept. 12, 2005), he followed it with a two-catch, nine-yard performance in a loss to Texas. Regarding his second appearance (Sept. 18), I think I speak for the entire state of Ohio when I say, "Thank you for waiting until after the Texas game!"
Michael Renner, Chillicothe, Ohio

As a lifelong Ohio State fan, I was thrilled by the Buckeyes' 24--7 win over Texas (First Class, Sept. 18). I am most proud, however, of the way quarterback Troy Smith handled himself off the field. His postgame interview, in which he shrugged off the idea that the players were seeking revenge for last year's loss to Texas, was proof that some troubled athletes can and should be given a second chance. He has emerged not only as a great QB but as a good man. It gives me hope that with the right guidance from tough but caring coaches—such as Jim Tressel—college football soon might be as satisfying off the field as on.
Pamela Mason, Lawrenceville, N.J.

The photo of Troy Smith pointing with both hands brought back memories of Texas quarterback Vince Young's cover shot from last Dec. 5. With the same gesture, commanding presence and uniform number, Smith cannot avoid comparisons with Young. Perhaps this image will foreshadow a championship for Smith and the Buckeyes, as it did last year for Young and the Longhorns.
Matthew McEvoy, Dallas

Aces All the Way

Kudos to S.L. Price for a terrific recap of the U.S. Open (As Good As They Get, Sept. 18), but his warm description of the moments that tournament men's champion Roger Federer shared with Tiger Woods raises the question: Should a high-profile American athlete such as Tiger sit courtside at the finals of a U.S. championship cheering for a foreigner who is playing against his countryman, Andy Roddick? This American living abroad thinks not.
P.G. Martin, Rome

What does Federer have to do to earn an appearance on the cover of SI? His name has entered the discussion about who is the greatest men's tennis player of all time. Maybe there's a Sportsman of the Year cover in his future.
Jamie Sierra, Malden, Mass.

Clock Management

Reading Mark Beech's Time Bomb (INSIDE COLLEGE FOOTBALL, Sept. 18), I found it interesting that in order to shorten the game for TV, the NCAA Football Rules Committee decided to reduce the time the game is actually played rather than cut the number of times the game is interrupted by commercial breaks. Maybe the committee would consider banning commercials for the last four clock minutes of each half—that would shorten the games and make them more exciting.
Tom Wall, Raleigh

The rules committee should be commended, not criticized, for taking steps to reduce the duration of games. I love college football, but I prefer games closer to three hours than four.
Randall Schau, Portage, Mich.

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