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Giving Barry His Due
Rick Reilly
July 23, 2007
NEVER SEEN anything like this Fake Break, this Barry Bonds home run record hype. It's like a man robbing a bank and then having a giant party to watch him count the money.
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July 23, 2007

Giving Barry His Due

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The truth is, it won't matter what we do. We live in an era when our Crap Detectors must always have fresh batteries. Every day we use them to decide which numbers are real and which are fake—$90 Enron stock and Donald Trump's handicap and 36 double D's on 100-pound women. And we know this number is fake. And this celebration is fake. And this feat is fake.

Remember this: The man who held the record before Bonds—one of the most principled and honorable men you will ever meet—is reluctant to even speak to Bonds on the phone, much less be there to witness the record breaker. Just because a thief paints over a masterpiece doesn't mean the masterpiece isn't still underneath.

And when the Fake Break is finally over and the confetti is swept up, Barry Bonds will have to go back to the one place where even he doesn't believe the lies.

His mirror.

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