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July 30, 2007
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July 30, 2007


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Peddling the Race

Austin Murphy almost had me convinced that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED had done another outstanding job of standing up for integrity in sports (Are They All Dirty? Does it Matter? Should We Care?, July 2--9), until the very end of his article on performance-enhancing drugs and the Tour de France, when he sold out, saying he's going back to the Tour because he "can't think of a more inspiring sight than a group of climbers clawing their way over the Col du Galibier." I can think of many sights that are more inspiring, starting with the obvious: a group of clean cyclists. Austin, instead of rolling out the tired excuse of "what's a fan to do?" have the guts to do the right thing.
Jeff Nardo, Jacksonville, N.C.

We should still care about cycling. Yes, many cyclists have been caught or confessed to drug use. But imagine if baseball, football, basketball or hockey had as strict a drug policy as cycling, with a two-year suspension for your first positive test. At least cheaters in cycling are actually getting a worthy punishment.
Adam Spartz, Columbus, Ind.

Blind Switch?

Rick Reilly's Extreme Makeover column (LIFE OF REILLY, July 2--9), on sportswriter Mike Penner's becoming Christine Daniels, tried to turn a man dressing up like a woman into a feel-good story, but it actually made me ill. Everybody is born with predispositions to do things that aren't right. That doesn't mean we should act on those predispositions. Mr. Reilly's column is a sad commentary on our "do what you want" society.
David Willis, House Springs, Mo.

In my 79 years—70 at least reading sports—I have never read a column anywhere that was so well-written, so humane and so moral on the general subject of sexual orientation. Rick, I have recommended you to my entire family and offer you my most sincere congratulations.
Frank Thompson
Farmington Hills, Mich.

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