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An Unfair Fight
Rick Reilly
August 13, 2007
CARLOS BARRAGAN and his son Carlos Jr. don't torture dogs, don't inject 'roids and don't bet on sporting events they ref. They've never run from the law or the tax man or a grand jury.
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August 13, 2007

An Unfair Fight

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You know what, Mayor? National City doesn't need more luxury condos. It needs good men like the Barragans teaching kids respect for neighbors and property, manners you could use a little of yourself.

And if you kick the Barragans out so some slick in Armani can buy a bigger yacht, I hope your car stereo gets jacked—weekly—by a kid who would've otherwise been lovingly coached on their jabs and their math and their lives.

Question: Can you declare politicians blighted?

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