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Speaking of Tennis, Want a Beer?
September 10, 2007
Whenever there's a chance to mention the beverage, Andy Roddick hops to it
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September 10, 2007

Speaking Of Tennis, Want A Beer?

Whenever there's a chance to mention the beverage, Andy Roddick hops to it

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PLATO ONCE SAID, "He was a wise man who invented beer," a sentiment apparently shared by Andy Roddick.

• Roddick on facing Justin Gimelstob, who was playing in his final U.S. Open (Aug. 2007): "I want to send him into retirement and then buy him a beer."

• On what he'd be doing were he not a tennis player (Aug. 2007): "I'd probably be in my eighth year of college, trying to qualify for my third Beer Olympiad."

• On coach Jimmy Connors's reaction after Roddick lost in the Australian Open semifinals (Jan. 2007): "He gave me a beer."

• On his first interaction with Connors (Sept. 2006): "We'd practice, he'd come home, kick his feet up on my couch, have a beer. It was pretty surreal."

• On whether he was disappointed that he wouldn't be accompanying Maria Sharapova to the Wimbledon ball (July 2004): "I just want to know how long her skirt's going to be. Is it going to be short? Is it going to be long? Disappointed I won't get to see that. I might just sneak in and crash the party. I'll bring the beer, man. Let's go."

• On whether he intended to share birthday cake with Marat Safin (Jan. 2004): "I'm not going to share a cake with him. I don't know, maybe if he's going out, maybe a beer."

• To the Centre Court crowd after losing to Roger Federer at Wimbledon (July 2005): "I'm more in the mood for a beer right now. This guy is the best for a reason.... Maybe I'll just punch him or something, I don't know."

• On winning a match at the U.S. Open that ended just after midnight on his 21st birthday (Aug. 2003): "I've been 21 for nine minutes now. I think I deserve a beer."