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Doubling Back
David Epstein
November 12, 2007
If we knew then: Two SI experts construct the best and worst possible 2007 drafts
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November 12, 2007

Doubling Back

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If we knew then: Two SI experts construct the best and worst possible 2007 drafts

O.K. , WE'RE ON the clock—Salvador Dal�'s melting clock, which persistently bends time and which also has allowed David Sabino and Adam Duerson to go back and, with brilliant hindsight, construct what would have turned out to be the perfect draft, and also the perfectly nightmarish draft, for 2007.

The rules: Players were to be "selected" around the time they might have gone in real drafts; thus Tom Brady goes here in the third round, not the first. Our drafters were given middle-of-the-pack selection positions, where the first picks were less obvious. The nightmare draft could not be a mere injury report, a parade of limping Steven Jacksons and Laurence Maroneys. Finally, we imbued the nightmare draft with a modicum of football smarts and misguided conventional wisdom; the first overall pick is not Brodie Croyle.

In fact, both drafts are, in their way, a testament to how many false assumptions were floating around last summer and to what an unpredictable season this has been. The fictional commentary is written from the naive perspective of late August, when so many of us, it turns out, knew so little.

If the nightmare draft looks distressingly familiar to you, our apologies for reopening those wounds. After all, you've been through enough already.


8 Brian Westbrook

Eagles RB

At this pick the best that's left is the multipurpose Westbrook.

17 Ronnie Brown

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