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January 17, 2005
Super Manning
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January 17, 2005


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Super Manning

Self-effacing but self-confident, he leaves no doubt as to who is in charge and will always do what's best for his team (Passing Marks, Dec. 20). Change the 18 on his jersey to 19, give him black hightops, and it might be hard to tell Peyton Manning from Johnny Unitas.

Jim Hannon, Pittsburgh

This season's change in enforcement of the pass-defense rules has resulted in receivers' running patterns virtually unimpeded and has allowed quarterbacks to release the ball sooner. It's little wonder Manning had never attained a 100 passer rating in any of his six previous NFL seasons yet finished this season at 121.1.

Dennis H. Clark, Henderson, Nev.

Sonic Truth

Although you don't mention me by name in Suspiciously Good(Dec. 20), you have me saying that the Sonics' 17--3 start was "the most positive story in the history of Seattle sports" and accuse me of having "drunk the mochacinno." What I actually said on my radio show was that the Sonics were "the biggest surprise story, in a positive way, in the history of Seattle sports." I'm not silly enough to call this the biggest sports story in a town that has boasted an NBA championship, an NCAA football co-championship, the Mariners' 116-game-winning season and a baseball player who decimated the single-season hit record, no matter how many mochacinnos I have had--and I don't even drink them.

Mitch Levy, KJR Radio, Seattle


Peter King likes that the NFL has abandoned the idea of playing the 2009 Super Bowl in a cold-weather city in an outdoor stadium (Inside the NFL, Dec. 20). I don't like it. Football is meant to be played outside. Let's put the elements into the Super Bowl.

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