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January 24, 2005
Atlas Shrugged
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January 24, 2005


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Lee Lusk, Flagstaff, Ariz.

Gale Sayers may have been born in Kansas and played his college ball there, but he grew up in Omaha and still holds the state long jump record. C'mon, just 'cause the Big Red had one bad year doesn't mean you should transplant one of Nebraska's finest football products.

Allen Dugan, Omaha

? All athletes were listed in the states in which they were born. --ED.

Money Talks

Jack McCallum's The Pros the Pros Would Pay to See (Dec. 27--Jan. 3) shows just how far from reality athletes and sportswriters actually are. McCallum uses a hypothetical $1,000 a ticket for NBA and MLB and $500 for NFL players because he says that is roughly equal to the $100 a typical fan has to pay. Based on average salaries of $2.3 million for MLB and $1.3 million for NFL players, McCallum thinks the typical fan brings home more than $200,000. As a seventh-grade teacher with 14 years' experience, I make about $40,000 a year. I have been on the Green Bay Packers' season-ticket waiting list for 28 years and am currently number 208. I am hoping when my number comes up, I will be able to afford the tickets and still feed my family.

Carl Rudi, Colfax, Wis.


I was extremely disappointed by the glaring omission of John A. Kelley, who died on Oct. 6, from your year-end obituaries (Farewell, Dec. 27--Jan. 3). Johnny ran in 61 Boston Marathons, finished 58, won in 1935 and 1945, finished second seven times and even finished in the top 10 at age 50. He also ran in two Olympic marathons and was named to the U.S. team for the canceled 1940 Olympics. Johnny continued to run as an old man and finished the Boston Marathon in less than six hours at age 84.

Steven M. Garran, Eastham, Mass.

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