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The Last of Carnac
Steve Rushin
February 07, 2005
Please welcome, one final time, that mysterious visitor from the East--seer, sage, soothsayer--Carnac the Magnificent, who will ascertain, in his divine and mystical way, the answers to your sports questions without ever having seen them. Are you ready, O Great One?
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February 07, 2005

The Last Of Carnac

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Q: What did Corey Pavin lend to Ian Woosnam?

A: Tara Lipinski.

Q: What's the worst thing an athlete can do to his Lipinski?

(*Insults were originally uttered by Carnac himself, the late, great Johnny Carson. Godspeed, Carnac. May a weird holy man, a diseased yak and an unclean camel carry you into eternity.)

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