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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
February 18, 2008
The Interview Tony Stewart NASCAR DRIVER
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February 18, 2008

Just My Type

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The Interview
Tony Stewart

Stewart will race in the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

Dan Patrick: Are you enjoying the fact that your long hair is upsetting some people?

Tony Stewart: I love it. Just the fact that they keep raising such a big stink about it keeps making me want to grow it longer and longer—just to make them more upset. I've never seen any sport where a topic like this is actually a topic.

DP: This may be sacrilegious to you, but if they remade Smokey and the Bandit, would you be the Bandit?

TS: Oh, God, absolutely. Are you kidding me? I would stop everything I'm doing just to play that role.

DP: If I said Smokey and the Bandit begins shooting this week or you drive in the Daytona 500....

TS: I'm going to shoot the movie with you.

DP: I'm putting Burt Reynolds in there as Smokey, O.K.?

TS: Yeah, absolutely. I think the only way this is really going to work, though, is if you play Buford T. Justice.

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