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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
February 25, 2008
The Interview Pat Knight TEXAS TECH COACH
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February 25, 2008

Just My Type

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The Interview
Pat Knight

Knight took over coaching duties from his father, Bob, who retired on Feb. 4. Pat got his first win last week, an 84--75 upset of Kansas State.

Dan Patrick: So, do I have to call you Coach Knight?

Pat Knight: No, sir, you can call me Pat.

DP: Your first win—what did you do to mark the occasion?

PK: I took the whole staff out to a bar, had a couple of beers and a cigar.

DP: Dad wasn't invited?

PK: No. Dad's not a real big beer drinker. The funny thing is, all the players that ever played for him, none of us still have guts enough to drink in front of him. So no, he was not invited.

DP: Does he offer advice or does he wait for you to ask advice?

PK: He actually waits, which people are going to find hard to believe. He's like, "It's your program now. I'm hands-off."

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