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Fattening Up on The Competition
Steve Rushin
March 06, 2006
This week, as Fat Tuesday feasting yields to Ash Wednesday fasting, let us pause for a moment in defense of gluttony, because sports and unhealthy ingestibles are nearly inseparable. (Literally so, if you ever tried to peel that pink rectangle of gum from a baseball card.)
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March 06, 2006

Fattening Up On The Competition

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Conti figures in both books, and why wouldn't he? On a bet, he once subsisted for an entire week on nothing but Guinness, perfect preparation for this St. Patrick's Day, when he'll be in Boston for a corned-beef-and-cabbage-eating contest. On that most Irish of days, in that most Irish of American cities, Conti might finally meet the Irish soul mate for whom he appears destined: Angie O'Plasty.

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