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Dan Patrick
March 10, 2008
The Interview Bruce Pearl TENNESSEE COACH
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March 10, 2008

Just My Type

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The Interview
Bruce Pearl

Pearl's Vols, ranked No. 1 on Feb 25, dropped to No. 4 after a Feb. 26 loss to Vanderbilt.

Dan Patrick: Do you put on your r�sum� the days or hours that you're No. 1?

Bruce Pearl: You can make fun of it. (Laughs.) But if you're North Carolina, you're Duke, you're Pat Summit, you're there all the time. This is uncharted territory [for us]. So you be grateful, you enjoy it. And now let's see if we can get back there.

DP: Of all the SEC coaches, who's the first pick if you guys played each other in basketball?

BP: Billy Donovan is a good player. And Jeff Lebo was the top high school player in the country coming out.

DP: Would you get picked, Bruce?

BP: You've got to have somebody who's going to rebound. I'm not going to want a lot of shots. I'd get picked last, but I'd get picked.

DP: If you were going conference against conference, could you handle Krzyzewski?

BP: As a player and as a coach, Mike Krzyzewski's got it over me. I lost a really tough recruiting battle to Duke this year. I said to the young man, "On the one hand, you've got a chance to play for Coach K. He'll be coaching the Olympic team. Or you could come play for a guy that takes his shirt off and paints his chest orange. Which is it going to be?"

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