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March 14, 2005
Midwinter Heat Wave
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March 14, 2005


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Midwinter Heat Wave

Upon returning home from the dentist after getting my wisdom teeth out, I found the 2005 Swimsuit Issue in the mailbox. I went numb all over again!

David Rice, Columbus, Ga.

I'd like to thank the U.S. Postal Service for keeping me out of the doghouse by making sure my Swimsuit Issue showed up the day after Valentine's Day. Dodged a huge bullet there.

Chad Barker, Seattle

Last year you featured Anna Kournikova, who had a total of zero tournament victories. This year you photographed pretty women with Olympic medals and Grand Slam victories. I like that. Congratulations to Amanda Beard, Jennie Finch, Lauren Jackson and Venus Williams on being true two-sport stars.

Kyle Speicher, Tampa

What a waste! Imagine that space filled not with absurd photos of near-naked women but with the informative, stellar writing I have come to know and love from SI. How do suggestive photos of young women relate to sports and sportswriting? Stay out of soft porn; there are other mags for that stuff. The next afternoon I happily pulled from my mailbox the real reason I subscribe to SI: my regular weekly issue with a nicely written article on LeBron James, which I savored.

Connie R. Wolfe, Ennice, N.C.

I don't know why so many people complain and cancel subscriptions every time your Swimsuit Issue comes out. If girl watching isn't a sport, I don't know what is. Over the course of the 35-plus years I've been reading your magazine, the Swimsuit Issue has been every bit as entertaining as any piece on an Ali-Frazier battle, Montana's Niners or Jordan's Bulls. Please keep it up--for another 35 years, at least.

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