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March 14, 2005
Midwinter Heat Wave
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March 14, 2005


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David L. Scarcello Buffalo

With Super Bowl XXXIX now only a memory, I was thrilled to see several eye-popping pictures of Anne V. Is there any chance you could print some pictures of the rest of her family? I would love to take a look at Anne I, II, III and IV.

Larry Lasday, North Potomac, Md.

Card Sharks

I finally broke down. I traded my 1971 Yankees baseball cards of Mel Stottlemyre, Bobby Murcer and Thurman Munson for next year's No. 1 draft pick swimsuit trading card of any Czech model whose name ends in -ova and a No. 2 from Brazil.

Stephen J. Salerno, Fort Worth, Texas

In my opinion putting model trading cards in the Swimsuit Issue is in really bad taste. Is my eight-year-old supposed to trade them with his friends? What in the world were you thinking? Does anyone there have kids?

Leslie Sullivan, Huntington, N.Y.

The King James Version

LeBron James (The Future Is Now, Feb. 21) is a perfect fusion of Magic Johnson's pass-first mentality and Michael Jordan's ability to score at will, but before we anoint LeBron as the best-to-be, let's see how he does in the crucible that is the NBA playoffs. Even Michael would agree that at 20 years old LeBron is more advanced than he was at that age. At 19, however, Jordan hit the winning shot in the NCAA championship game in front of more than 60,000 fans and a nationwide television audience; when LeBron was 19, he was home watching the NBA playoffs on TV.

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