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Everyone In the Pool!
Rick Reilly
March 21, 2005
Except for Rick Neuheisel's NCAA tournament pool--put in $6,400, take home $4.5 million--most office pools are duller than slides of Dick Cheney's angioplasties.
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March 21, 2005

Everyone In The Pool!

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25. at some point during the game you went into your lame Dick Vitale impression.

26. you beat a team with a lower party-school ranking.

27. you beat a team John Feinstein wrote a book about.

28. you beat a school with so little chance, it wasn't even on the NCAA's academic-probation list.

29. you beat Fairleigh Dickinson.

30. you are Fairleigh Dickinson.

31. your coach is wearing the Sears Johnny Miller Collection.

32. you beat a team that has an actual living, breathing senior starter on it.

33. you beat a team with a hyphen.

34. you beat a team whose point guard is slower than Maurice Clarett.

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