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What Do We Do Now?
Gary Smith
March 28, 2005
I was there, that June at Wrigley, when the fever caught Sammy. See, that's me and the three kids in the bleachers that weekend he rocked five out of the cathedral and the great home run chase was on.
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March 28, 2005

What Do We Do Now?

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Father Jim MacDonald, a 65-year-old Giants season-ticket holder, sits in the upper deck behind home plate. The perfect perch for the spectacle of a Barry Bonds bomb: near enough to see and hear that karate-chop explosion of maple against horsehide, far enough up to take in the majesty of the ball's journey toward the coliseum's rim. But what does the kindly curate do now?

"I do not know that he took steroids," he says.

But, Father, even if you just take what he said in his grand jury testimony--

"They claim Babe Ruth drank a lot of whiskey."

But whiskey wouldn't help him hit a baseball farther, Father. In fact, it would probably--

"I don't know the medical effects of steroids. They do not increase bat speed from what I know."

But, Father, what's the message we send if we stand up and cheer when he passes Aaron?

"Anybody who hits 756 home runs, baseball should celebrate."

But as a matter of fairness, Father--

"I haven't thought about fairness."

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