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May 02, 2005
Sweet Caroline
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May 02, 2005


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Roger's Record

Writing about Roger Maris, Rick Reilly says people are clamoring for asterisks on other sluggers' records (Life of Reilly, April 11). It's still Maris, however, who deserves the asterisk. It should read: Roger Maris, 61*; Last legitimate single-season home run record.

Bruce E. Beans, Warrington, Pa.

Reilly states that as far as he is concerned, the home run record belongs to Maris. This is the same author who last year wrote a column saying the single-season hit record should still belong to George Sisler--not Ichiro--because Sisler did it in a shorter season (Life of Reilly, Oct. 4, 2004). Using that logic, shouldn't Reilly believe the home run record belongs to Babe Ruth?

Jeff Appelgate, Prosser, Wash.

Hexual Heeling

On behalf of North Carolina fans worldwide it is my distinct pleasure to bid the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover jinx our last respects. You did a great job picking the champions in your preseason issue (Nov. 22, 2004).

Christopher Llewellyn Adams Superior, Wis.

Jinx? What jinx? You guys are brain surgeons!

Donald O. Hawkes, Greensboro, N.C.

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