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May 16, 2005
Going Long
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May 16, 2005


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Marie A. Edwartoski, Falls Church, Va.

Technical Foul

In Dr. Z.'s Mock First Round of the NFL draft (April 25), he made an error. Safety Thomas Davis played for the University of Georgia, not Georgia Tech.

James Fitzgibbons, Cordele, Ga.

EDITOR'S NOTE: SI regrets the error.

Radio Daze

Steve Rushin touched on one joy I discovered as a young baseball fan--finding a broadcast of a very out-of-town baseball game (AIR AND SPACE, April 25). Rushin's use of XM satellite radio to catch these games, however, misses out on a big part of the fun. I still enjoy fine-tuning the AM radio dial until I recognize the crackling broadcast of a game hundreds of miles away, then desperately trying to determine what team and station I'm listening to before the fickle signal disappears.

Jim Casazza, Danbury, Conn.

Sticking It

As a former high school, college, winter- indoor and summer league lacrosse player--and current high school coach and Major League Lacrosse season-ticket holder--I'd like to say welcome to the lax family, SI (Get on the Stick, April 25).

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