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The Blonde Leading the Blind
Rick Reilly
May 22, 2006
Pull up a stool, Matt Leinart. Let me buy you a fresh-squeezed adult beverage. You don't know it, but you just made my day.
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May 22, 2006

The Blonde Leading The Blind

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5. Kimberly Bell
Barry Bonds's former mistress ratted the San Francisco Giant Head out to two reporters and a federal grand jury with allegations of Bonds's steroid use and funneling of unreported memorabilia cash to her. Don't ask for whom the Bell moles.

4. Tawny Kitaen
The hardbody from the Whitesnake videos liked prescription drugs more than Rite Aid does. One night, as she and her husband, Cleveland Indians pitcher Chuck Finley, were riding home in their car, the stiletto-heeled Tawny repeatedly kicked Finley and brutally scratched him. She even stomped on his foot while it was on the gas pedal--definitely not recommended in the owner's manual.

3. Robin Givens
"With this ring, I thee wreck." Remember Barbara Walters's interviewing Givens and her then husband Mike Tyson? Tyson, loopy on antidepressants, acting like Robin's purse poodle as she trashed him on national TV? Robin ending up with millions of Tyson's cash? Tyson ending up as broke as TWA? Sure, in the long run Mike drowned himself, but Robin helped fill the pool.

2. Jeff Gillooly
O.K., not technically a woman, but he has to be included for sheer sensational spousal sabotage. The former husband of ice skater Tonya Harding, Gillooly engineered the kneecapping of his ex-wife's rival, Nancy Kerrigan. Now if he'd only kneecap Tonya's fridge.

1. Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes
Before her death in 2002, the on-again, off-again girlfriend of former NFL star receiver Andre Rison was a walking FEMA file. In one all-out, Richard Pryor night, she vandalized three of Rison's luxury cars and burned down his mansion.

But, hey, don't let me scare you, Matt. Give it a whirl! After all, you'll always have Paris, even if she leaves you sleeping in a refrigerator box.

(Fred in payroll has that in the pool.)

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