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The Victim of A Cowardly Act
Rick Reilly
June 04, 2007
HEY, TITANS cornerback Pacman Jones. I noticed you took out a full-page ad in The Tennessean, saying that when the NFL suspended you for the entire 2007 season, on April 10, it was "one of the worst moments of my life."
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June 04, 2007

The Victim Of A Cowardly Act

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Urbanski says he didn't get a good look at the shooter but knows he's a coward. "Real tough guy—shoot people and run," Urbanski says. "Where I come from [ Commack, N.Y.], a tough guy says, 'I'm coming down there to kick your ass.' That I can respect. But just shooting me for no reason, that's bulls—."

It's so weird to see the big wrestler like this. Wasn't he once The Eliminator? Used to pick up 275-pound lugs, hold them upside down and give them the dread brain buster? He hardly gets a scratch in the ring, yet he ends up with wheels for legs because he stood by the wrong door?

So, yeah, Urbanski has a hard time choosing the worst moment of his life, because the daily headaches are "20 on a scale of 10," and he's got only a 6% chance of walking again, and his hands don't work right, and his spleen is gone, and he's on two-hour megadoses of painkiller that last only an hour and a half.

If Urbanski could talk to the man who shot him, he'd say one thing: "You took my legs, but you'll never take my life."

I saw in your ad, Pacman, that you believe NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who suspended you for conduct detrimental to the league, was giving you "unprecedented punishment."

Urbanski can relate to that. He's just trying to figure out what he did.

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