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June 06, 2005
Reclusive Raider
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June 06, 2005


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I am not a Yankees fan at all, but I find it very amusing listening to fans of other big-market teams complain about George Steinbrenner buying all his players (LIFE OF REILLY, May 16). I guess Boston fans don't consider the 2005 Red Sox payroll of $121 million that much money.

Jay Lombardo, Hoboken, N.J.

The nerve of the owner of a professional sports franchise to actually spend the money he makes from the team to replenish his roster. Steinbrenner should be more like Kansas City Royals owner David Glass and just pocket most of his profits. That way there won't be any "cheap World Series rings" or fans expecting success, and--most important--George won't have to deal with jealous columnists writing about his team.

Jesse Silvertown, Toronto

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