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Bill Scheft
June 06, 2005
Good to be here. Have you seen The Longest Yard? I was stunned. I thought Bill Romanowski was supposed to stay away from secondhand scripts.
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June 06, 2005

The Show

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Reds designate alltime saves leader Danny Graves for assignment The assignment: Learn to walk off the mound with your arms at your sides.

And it looks as if the Nationals will award ProFund Advisors the naming rights to RFK Stadium. There was a chance they would rename the stadium after the National Guard, but they wanted President Bush to show up more than a couple of weekends a year.

NFL bans horse-collar tackles They're serious. The only exception is if you're trying to keep Kellen Winslow II out of a Harley dealership.

No more horse-collar tackles? Does this mean the Broncos have to change the logo on their helmets from the untamed stallion to a guy from the Humane Society?

The owners approved the sale of the Vikings to Zygmunt Wilf. Now if Zygmunt Wilf doesn't sound like the name of a guy who lost a roster spot to Jan Stenerud on the last day of camp in 1977, then I just don't know sports.

Wilf is a New Jersey shopping-mall magnate who vowed to keep the team in Minnesota--even if it means converting the end zones into an Office Depot and a Bed Bath & Beyond.

Sixers fire Jim O'Brien, name Maurice Cheeks head coach So, Allen Iverson did not have to use the nuclear option.

Elsewhere, the Bucks won the NBA draft lottery. Milwaukee had a 6.3% chance of getting the first pick. Or twice as good as their odds of re-signing Michael Redd.

Cooperstown is undergoing a $20 million renovation The Hall of Fame will be more accessible to the handicapped. In a related story, Pete Rose spent his Preakness winnings on a Rascal Scooter.

My time is up. You've been great. Enjoy the Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

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