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June 13, 2005
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June 13, 2005


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As exciting as it was to watch the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs (More Fun with the Suns, May 23), the NBA should realize that if it locks out the players, as has been discussed, it will resemble the NHL in another way: No one will care.

Gary Burcham San Diego

Photos like John Biever's overhead shot of the Pacers' Jermaine O'Neal fouling Piston Rasheed Wallace (LEADING OFF, May 23) are what put the illustrated in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. He couldn't have been sitting on the backboard when he took that picture, but it sure looks like it. All I can say is, Leave it to Biever.

Chuck Hadden, Arlington, Va.

Running Man

S.L. Price has captured the essence of a stellar athlete in Marlon Shirley (The Sprinter, May 23). As a two-time Paralympian in tennis--who happens to be a paraplegic--I enjoyed reading an article that focused first on the athleticism of the person with a disability rather than on his inspirational story.

Karin Korb, Atlanta

Sympathy for the Devil Ray

Poor Lou, feeling down because his Tampa Bay Devil Rays don't win (SCORECARD, May 23). I can only imagine his anguish at being in a game he loves so much and being paid $4 million a year to suffer through it. When I read that he had to eat his free clubhouse meal on a paper plate, I broke down.

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