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June 20, 2005
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June 20, 2005


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Dan Schiff, White Plains, N.Y.

College weenies who think online poker is the real thing probably feel the same way about fantasy football and phone sex.

John Limber, Durham, N.H.

Before anybody writes in to say that poker doesn't belong in Sports Illustrated, somebody ought to point out that college poker becomes very sports-related when one of these debt-ridden kids also happens to be a Division I football or basketball player. What will occur when the student-athlete, facing financial pressure, says to himself, What harm is there in shaving a few points?

Don Del Grande Benicia, Calif.

K-K-K Katie

Katie Brownell struck out 18 batters in a row for a perfect game in which no one put a ball in play (Scorecard, May 30) and league president Eric Klotzbach says he "can't imagine being a boy that has to face her. It has got to be a shot to the ego." Klotzbach's missing the point. Katie's not a girl who pitches--she's a pitcher who happens to be a girl.

Jay Williams, Needham, Mass.

By the Numbers

Steve Rushin's column on the dying art of keeping score could not be more accurate (Air and Space, May 30). I have kept score at every game I've been to since I was nine years old--an 18-year streak that ended abruptly in April at a Washington Nationals game when the vendors didn't offer pencils with their $10 programs.

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