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Bill Scheft
June 20, 2005
Good to be here. Do I have this right? Deep Throat finally came forward because he heard there was an opening in the 49ers' p.r. department?
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June 20, 2005

The Show

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The Giants plan to retire Gaylord Perry's number in July. It'll all be part of K-Y Appreciation Day.

Spurs-Pistons have month to themselves I don't want to quibble with the Finals schedule, but isn't every day potentially a travel day for Larry Brown?

Brown continues to deny reports he's going to the Cavaliers. The only way I'd believe him less is if he jumped on Oprah's couch and professed his love for Detroit.

The Pistons have their hands full with San Antonio's offense. The only way to stop Tony Parker is to put two men on Eva Longoria.

Not to nitpick, but technically isn't Bruce Bowen's position the To Guard?

Michael Jordan has reportedly come out in favor of an age limit for NBA players. I believe his exact words were, "Stick on 20."

Good news for NHL? If the lockout isn't settled by July 1, the owners and players have agreed to come up with replacement excuses.

The league is seriously considering adopting a shootout to settle ties. How about adopting a shootout to settle this tie?

John Daly signs endorsement deal with Hooters Are you like me? Are you frightened he's going to start wearing really tight shirts?

Next year's NFL draft may be held at Disney World It'll be a perfect tie-in with the theme park's new attraction, Cap Space Mountain.

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