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Big Play with Mark Wood
July 03, 2006
WHO: Ben Curtis
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July 03, 2006

Big Play With Mark Wood

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WHO: Ben Curtis

WHAT: 72-yard wedge to an inch

WHERE: 520-yard par-5 6th hole at the TPC at Avenel

WHEN: Final round of the Booz Allen Classic


Curtis has guts. He won the 2003 British Open as a rookie but was labeled as the worst player to win a major and spiraled down the money list in '04 and '05. Instead of going AWOL he retooled his swing. Gone are the wristiness, the sagging knees and the sliding hips. Now he has a flat left wrist and a compact action built on a firm pivot, as he showed while stiffing wedges at the 5th and 6th holes. With the new swing and the Booz Allen title, Curtis can build a r�sum� to go with his Open title.


For Solid Contact,

Keep Left Wrist Flat

A flat left wrist promotes solid contact. To learn the technique, make half swings with a tongue depressor over your lead wrist. Lay the depressor along the back of your wrist. Tuck one end under your glove and the other end under your watch. At address, the depressor should put a little pressure against your wrist, but you shouldn't feel it again for the rest of the swing.

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