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You a Tiger Guy Or a Phil Guy?
Rick Reilly
July 24, 2006
Some choices are easy. You're either a dog guy or a cat guy. Red state or blue. Letterman or Leno.
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July 24, 2006

You A Tiger Guy Or A Phil Guy?

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Some choices are easy. You're either a dog guy or a cat guy. Red state or blue. Letterman or Leno.

Same with Tiger Woods versus Phil Mickelson. There's no in between. If you love Phil, you hate Tiger. Or vice versa. Can't be both. It's like saying, "I truly cherish Michael Moore and Ann Coulter!"

So no in between--you're a Phil guy (PG) or you're a Tiger guy (TG). And which you are says more about you than you know. For instance....

A TG is a clotheshorse, much like his hero, with the 30-inch waist and Mark Spitz shoulders. A PG is more of a charley horse. Some days his hero looks like he pulled his outfit out of a bus depot locker. "Tiger always looks sooo good," says Pam Rojan of Macon, Ga. "My husband is always saying, 'Do you realize how many sit-ups I'd have to do to look like that?'"

A TG likes a two-hour workout after breakfast. A PG likes a two-hour breakfast. He thinks deltoids are a breath mint. "Tiger guys wear Under Armour," says Kevin Cartin of Boulder, Colo. "Phil guys wear manziers."

A PG is softer and rounder than a TG. When a TG hits his thumb with a hammer, the f bombs can be heard in Poughkeepsie. When a PG hits his thumb with a hammer, he swallows hard and says, "My goodness, that's an inordinate amount of pain!"

A PG comes home from work, gets on one knee and his kids mob him. A TG doesn't come home from work, at least not mentally.

"My wife loves that part when all Phil's kids come running out to give Daddy a hug," says Rex Post, a rabid golf fan from Phoenix. Yeah? It drives TGs bananas. "Where are the kids when he finishes 35th?" grumbles Scott Chambers of San Diego. "He never flies them in for that."

A TG loves history, and no golfer means more to American history than Tiger, the military kid who brought color to a white game. "My dad was denied entry into a lot of golf courses when he was a young man," says Todd Hestor of Danbury, Conn., an African-American TG. "For him, it meant everything when Tiger won that first Masters." How's Phil supposed to match that? March for lefthanders?

A TG enjoys a friendly wager on a Saturday football game. A PG moves the line four points. A PG is a gambler, the kind of guy who thinks it makes perfect sense to try to hit a shot through the maintenance shack, off the water fountain and onto the green. A TG is into sustained and precise excellence. A PG wins his match by surviving his mistakes. A TG wins by not making any.

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