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My Best Friend... in Show Business
Sarah Thurmond
July 25, 2005
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July 25, 2005

My Best Friend... In Show Business

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BOTH BASED in the Atlanta area, they have been fiercely competitive since shortly after they met, in 1997, when Foxworthy beat Smoltz at bowling and made him sign the scorecard. They battle in Wiffle ball and Nintendo. "I have fantasies of being a ballplayer. He wants to be a comic," says Foxworthy, 46, who's the godfather of Smoltz's daughter. "He's always working on stuff. He's like, 'Fox, what do you think about this?' and they're just awful jokes."





A HUGE sports fan, Lachey first connected with Graves, then the Reds' closer, at a 1999 party in Cincinnati hosted by Lachey's former band, 98 Degrees. In 2002 Graves attended Lachey's wedding to Jessica Simpson, and last year Lachey took batting practice with the Reds in L.A.--before he and Graves went clubbing. The two talk weekly during the season. "I never know where he is," says Graves. "He travels more than I do." -- Sarah Thurmond

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