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August 15, 2005
Kings Crossing
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August 15, 2005


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Kings Crossing

Tiger Woods is a great champion whose legend continues to grow (New King of the Old Course, July 25). Although he seems well on his way to eclipsing Jack Nicklaus's staggering records, until he does, the Golden Bear will continue to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the links.

Kyle Shetterly, Portland

Going head-to-head with Nicklaus in his prime would also have pitted Tiger against Gary Player (nine majors), Tom Watson (eight), Arnold Palmer (seven) and Lee Trevino (six). These four are all among the top 13 winners of major golf tournaments, which makes Nicklaus's majors record of 18 wins and 19 second-place finishes even more impressive.

Doug Post, Columbus, Ohio

Of course Tiger is a golf nerd. The day Woods stops getting excited about his warmup sessions is also the day he'll stop winning major championships.

Bill Glick, Wilmington, Del.

Unreal World

Shame on SI for providing a cheat sheet for fantasy football players who fail to conduct proper research (Dream World, July 25). Peter King has done a disservice to fantasy champs everywhere with his breakdown of players and defenses. After winning my league three times in the last four seasons, I pride myself on drafting wisely, knowing which rookies will shine and which veterans to stay away from. I only hope the other players in my league are not subscribers to SI.

Allen Thayer, Cheyenne, Wyo.

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