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August 30, 2004
On Broadway
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August 30, 2004


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What were Deborah Namath's crimes? She insisted that her husband quit drinking and get a job in TV, and she gave birth to two daughters who, he claims, are all he lives for. She supposedly isolated Joe from his friends, but when he was free to visit ailing longtime buddies, he was a no-show. Her only crime that I can see is insisting on having an English garden in Florida.

Paul Clegg, Sacramento

Going the distance for his family is a greater feat than any he accomplished on the football field. We love you, Joe.

Todd Hampton, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Mysterious Maddux

Watching Greg Maddux pitch is like watching a good mystery movie (Heady Stuff, Aug. 9). First you have the setup. Then the suspect is baited. Suspense mounts until everything comes together in a thrilling but inevitable conclusion. Later, the more you think about it, the more intriguing it seems.

Corey Zdanavage, Cave Creek, Ariz.

I'd rather watch Maddux than a fireballer any day. Paint the corners, work with movement, throw a junk pitch on a 2--2 count to induce a weak pop-up or ground ball on the next pitch. That's what makes baseball a thing of beauty.

Allison Gross, Winter Springs, Fla.

Is Maddux a great pitcher? Probably, but what is certain is that he wouldn't be close to 300 victories without having been the beneficiary of perhaps the most generous strike zone in baseball history. How many times have I heard Braves announcer Skip Caray chuckle--seemingly with a bit of embarrassment--as a pitch thrown six inches off the plate was called a strike: "Well, he's earned that call." Earned it how? Very good pitcher? Yes. Great pitcher? We'll never know.

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