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September 06, 2004
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September 06, 2004


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Trace on the Case

Alan Shipnuck forgot to give proper credit to Los Angeles Dodgers manager Jim Tracy (A Blue Streak, Aug. 16). Trace has been there for his players and is well respected by baseball people, and the Dodgers have been in the race for the playoffs in all four of his seasons as manager. Give Trace his due. If the Dodgers weren't doing well, everyone would blame the manager.

Marty Mayer, Somerset, Ky.

Untrue North

As a below-the-line technician, I find it hard to believe that Peter Farrelly, a well-established director of megamoney movies has no say in where he can shoot his film about a Red Sox--obsessed fan (Scorecard, Aug. 16). Shooting "the ultimate Red Sox movie" in Toronto makes as much sense as shooting an American Civil War film in Europe.

Dan Kerns, Burbank, Calif.

Bodies of Water

I have endured many photos of football linemen and golfers. Now, finally, an article on men's water polo, the sport with the most spectacular physiques--and you give me three photos of the 56year-old coach (Pooling Resources, Aug. 16). Certainly after publishing so many swimsuit issues, you could have provided your female readers with some eye candy.

Kristen Ruby, Visalia, Calif.


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