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Love That Bob!
Steve Rushin
September 13, 2004
CBS and Paramount Television are exploring the possibility of a half-hour comedy series based on the life of Texas Tech coach Bob Knight.
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September 13, 2004

Love That Bob!

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bob: You mean a place to oversleep?

isaiah:(picking up a frilly pink throw pillow): Throw pillows, Coach?

(Enter Alice, carrying a tray of drinks and snacks.)

alice:(gesturing toward her husband): No, Bob throws chairs. (She holds up a glass pitcher.) Punch, anyone?

bob: Not since this morning. But the guy was asking for it.

alice: (offering snacks): Nuts, Isaiah?

isaiah: I used to be, but I'm better now.

alice: Well, you must stay for dinner, dear. How do you like your potatoes?

bob: (brandishing a length of leather): Whipped.

alice: I'm talking to our guest.Isaiah?

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