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September 26, 2005
Panthers Pick
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September 26, 2005


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Thanks for ruining the column about the classic final in the Little League World Series (INSIDE BASEBALL, Sept. 5) by noting that "[i]n the stands, and on the field, there were excruciatingly few African-Americans, but a family tree of the players in the Cura´┐Żao-Hawaii final revealed a mini United Nations.... [T]he players were light and dark and in between." How many times have your writers mentioned the glories of keeping the adults out of kids' games? How about Martin Luther King Jr.'s statement that our goal is a society where we do not pay attention to the color of a person's skin?

Leah Settle Gibbs, Monroe, Va.

Strictly Ballroom

I respect USC's Matt Leinart's decision to play another year of college football rather than enter the NFL draft, but I think there is something wrong with an athlete's playing on a team when he is only a part-time student (SCORECARD, Sept. 5). I'd say that Leinart is not even a part-time student, given that the only course he is taking is ballroom dancing. He may be trying to guide USC to a third straight national championship, but how can he be considered a student-athlete?

Michael Choi, New York City

A Call to Action

SI and the National Recreation and Park Association have established the SI Gulf Coast Community Sports Relief Fund to assist in the rebuilding of local sports facilities and programs on the Gulf Coast. One hundred percent of all donations will be distributed directly to towns in need. All donations are tax-deductible and are being accepted now at

Helmet Headache

Because you pride yourself on your visuals, I'm surprised by your publication in the NFL Preview of outdated helmets for the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks.

Rob Wieman, Gig Harbor, Wash.

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