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September 27, 2004
Pickin' and A-Grinnin'
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September 27, 2004


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Aaron Bleier, Green Bay

We get the picture: You wanted your NFL PREVIEW to be tough. You used tough five times in the 100 or so words in the table of contents. Can we get a ferocious, manly or stout? Or, one might ask, where is the Lovie (Smith)?

Jeff Elder, Denver, N.C.

The Kobe Case

The circus that had become L'affaire Kobe had me leaning heavily toward the Lakers star's corner. However, Jeff Benedict's The Science of the Brief Encounter (SCORECARD, Sept. 6) outlined the crux of the matter in the clearest terms. Now that the criminal charges have been dropped, it is clear the prosecution had a much stronger case than we were previously led to believe.

Paul Tarver, Atlanta

Golden Rule

Boy, am I glad I didn't stop reading Rick Reilly, as I promised myself I would do when he veered into politics. Mind over Medal made me want to start a fund to buy Otylia Jedrzejczak's gold medal (THE LIFE OF REILLY, Sept. 6). She puts the lie to the notion that athletes have to be self-absorbed to succeed at the highest levels. To whoever buys the medal: please give it back, for selflessness this time, rather than for swimming.

Monte Smith, Loveland, Ohio

Athens Afterthoughts

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