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15 Atlanta HAWKS
Ben Reiter
October 23, 2006
When no one was watching, a young forward grew into a two-way threat
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October 23, 2006

15 Atlanta Hawks

When no one was watching, a young forward grew into a two-way threat

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PPG 12.3
RPG 2.7
APG 4.8
SPG 1.52
FG% 41.3
3FG% 27.0
FT% 76.9

Joe Johnson

PPG 20.2
RPG 4.1
APG 6.5
BPG 0.38
SPG 1.26
FG% 45.3
3FG% 35.6

Josh Smith

PPG 11.3
RPG 6.6
APG 2.4
BPG 2.60
SPG 0.80
FG% 42.5
3FG% 30.9

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BENCH 2005--06 STATS


Enemy Lines
An opposing team's scout sizes up the Hawks

They finally have a true point guard in Speedy Claxton. This is a young team that needs someone to get people in the right positions and get them going. Speedy is a scoring point first--when he drives into the paint he's looking for his own shot--but he can do all of the other things that help his teammates, and you have to game-plan against him.... I like Josh Smith but have a lot of doubts about Josh Childress. I just don't see how he's ever going to make it with that shot, the release point is so low.... Zaza Pachulia was a nice surprise. He has a little scoring ability in the post and can run the floor reasonably well. Defensively he's not very good, but he showed that he's a big guy who can play, and that's something every team is looking for.... Everyone knew Marvin Williams was raw, but he turned out to be an average NBA athlete with below-average skills. I can't figure out what they saw in him to warrant drafting him No. 2 [in 2005]. He looks like he'll have to develop a face-up game or some kind of skill so that he can take bigger guys off the dribble as a power forward.


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