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1 Miami HEAT
Ben Reiter
October 23, 2006
Even without reinforcements, the defending champs will still be tough
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October 23, 2006

1 Miami Heat

Even without reinforcements, the defending champs will still be tough

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Jason Williams

PPG 12.3
RPG 2.4
APG 4.9
SPG 0.90
FG% 44.2
3FG% 37.2
FT% 86.7

Dwyane Wade

PPG 27.2
RPG 5.7
APG 6.7
BPG 0.77
SPG 1.95
FG% 49.5
3FG% 17.1

Udonis Haslem

PPG 9.3
RPG 7.8
APG 1.2
BPG 0.21
SPG 0.62
FG% 50.8
FT% 78.9

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BENCH �2005--06 STATS

Enemy Lines
An opposing team's scout sizes up the Heat

Will Miami be hungry enough to defend its title? The answer will be defined by Shaquille O'Neal. He was known for being lazy in the off-season when he was younger, but at this age (34) it would take him a really long time to get back into shape. And the more he weighs, the more he gets hurt.... The two things that won the championship for them: First, Pat Riley shifted Antoine Walker to small forward and Walker got hot during the playoffs. That was crucial because it enabled them to keep Udonis Haslem on the floor. Second, Dwyane Wade started making threes in the playoffs, which made him unguardable.... James Posey doesn't do anything that makes you say, Wow. He's not physical, he doesn't pass well, and during a lot of the game he's not doing much.... Jason Williams is a better three-point shooter in transition than when he sets his feet. They survived with Williams at point guard because he didn't turn it over a lot--but that was because in the half-court he wasn't making the entry passes; Wade or Walker were.


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