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9 Denver NUGGETS
Mark Bechtel
October 23, 2006
A trade might have helped, but they could find no takers at a K-Mart sale
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October 23, 2006

9 Denver Nuggets

A trade might have helped, but they could find no takers at a K-Mart sale

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Carmelo Anthony
PPG 26.5
RPG 4.9
APG 2.7
SPG 0.53
FG% 1.10
3FG% 48.1
FT% 24.3

Andre Miller
PPG 13.7
RPG 4.3
APG 8.2
SPG 1.29
FG% 46.3
3FG% 18.5
FT% 73.8

J.R. Smith
PPG 7.7
RPG 2.0
APG 1.1
BPG 0.67
SPG 39.3
FG% 37.1
FT% 82.2

Kenyon Martin
PPG 12.9
RPG 6.3
APG 1.4
BPG 0.93
SPG 0.77
FG% 49.5
FT% 71.2

BENCH 2005--06 STATS
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Enemy Lines
An opposing team's scout sizes up the Nuggets

They're on shaky ground considering George Karl's history. As good as he is, you know that things will eventually blow up around him.... There are only a few guys capable of leading a team to the title, and while Carmelo Anthony is very talented, I wouldn't say that he's one of them because he doesn't make his teammates better. If he scores early, he'll share the ball, but if he doesn't, then he'll feel the pressure to score because he's one of those guys who's always aware of how many points he has.... They're rolling the dice asking someone as young as 21-year-old J.R. Smith to fill such a big hole at shooting guard. Smith has excellent shooting range but bad shot selection.... Andre Miller is a terrific defender when he wants to be, and he's unselfish. But his jumper--no matter where he is on the court--is a negative.... Their shooting will kill them: All you have to do is get back on defense, pack it inside and force them to take shots from the perimeter.... Why did they give so much money to Nen� when nobody else was bidding for him coming off major knee surgery?

The Nuggets were fifth during the regular season in scoring (100.3 points per game), but they collapsed in the playoffs, averaging just 87.4 points, 15th among the 16 teams.

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