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5 Houston ROCKETS
Andrew Lawrence
October 23, 2006
As insurance for their top two scorers, they got Bonzi Wells at a bargain price
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October 23, 2006

5 Houston Rockets

As insurance for their top two scorers, they got Bonzi Wells at a bargain price

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Yao Ming
PPG 22.3
RPG 10.2
APG 1.5
BPG 1.65
SPG 0.53
FG% 51.9
FT% 85.3

Shane Battier
PPG 10.1
RPG 5.3
APG 1.7
BPG 1.41
SPG 1.14
FG% 48.8
3FG% 39.4

Rafer Alston
PPG 12.1
RPG 4.0
APG 6.7
SPG 1.60
FG% 37.9
3FG% 32.7
FT% 69.2

Tracy McGrady
PPG 24.4
RPG 6.5
APG 4.8
BPG 0.87
SPG 1.26
FG% 40.6
3FG% 31.2

Juwan Howard
PPG 11.8
RPG 6.7
APG 1.4
BPG 0.10
SPG 0.61
FG% 45.9
FT% 80.6

BENCH 2005--06 STATS
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Enemy Lines
An opposing team's scout sizes up the Rockets

I love Tracy McGrady's athleticism, and when he brings the ball down, I can see the fear in the defender's eye. But he has to have the ball in his hands so much that it clouds the way the team plays. It's Yao Ming's turn, then it's McGrady's turn, and back and forth. They don't get in a flow in which both of them are getting their shots naturally. It should come more easily considering how hard both are to defend.... Yao has learned the American way of getting the ball in the paint and aggressively going to the hole. The NBA game is no longer foreign to him.... Shane Battier is a defensive stopper who can play multiple roles at both ends of the floor and is one of the best glue guys in the NBA. He does the things that a coach appreciates, like covering up for another guy's defensive mistakes when it's not his responsibility.... The Rockets have so many good citizens that Bonzi Wells will be O.K. It reminds me of the old quote from Al McGuire: You can afford to have one donkey, but you can't have two because then they'll breed.


Oft-injured Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming played together just 31 times last season; the Rockets were 21--10 (.677 winning percentage) in those games and 13--38 (.255) in the rest.

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