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10 Golden State WARRIORS
Arash Markazi
October 23, 2006
No matter how committed they are, they'll be sitting at home in the spring
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October 23, 2006

10 Golden State Warriors

No matter how committed they are, they'll be sitting at home in the spring

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PPG 17.9
RPG 4.4
APG 8.9
SPG 1.65
FG% 38.9
3FG% 31.5
FT% 67.5

Jason Richardson

PPG 23.2
RPG 5.8
APG 3.1
SPG 1.29
FG% 44.6
3FG% 38.4
FT% 67.3

Mike Dunleavy

PPG 11.5
RPG 4.9
APG 2.9
SPG 0.74
FG% 40.6
3FG% 28.5
FT% 77.8

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BENCH 2005--06 STATS


Enemy Lines An opposing team's scout sizes up the Warriors

A great point guard, wing players who can score, not much size or defense--seems as if Don Nelson's new team is just like his old Mavericks and Warriors teams. When Nellie goes small and you match down to his size, he wins, because you're not accustomed to playing that way and he is.... If Baron Davis buys into Nellie's program, is in shape and stays healthy, they could be a surprise. A lot of players who do all the fundamental things don't make the positive impact that Davis does, even when he's not totally committed to playing the right way.... Troy Murphy's biggest problem is that he's not willing to go down in the low post and fight it out. So his move to center makes sense because his outside shooting will create mismatches against opposing centers. He also tends to stop battling defensively as soon as things start to go south.... Nellie will make Mike Dunleavy a point forward and run a lot of the offense through him. Dunleavy has always been a poor defender; the first play that most teams run is something going at him.


Troy Murphy, who was injured for most of 2003--04, is one of three players (with Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett) to average double-digit points and rebounds in three of the last four seasons.

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