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October 23, 2006
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October 23, 2006

Rodney Harrison


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On players voting him the dirtiest player in the league (poll, page 36)

I'm not dirty. I'm a hard-nosed football player. I play to the whistle. I'm not going to be your friend. I don't want to go to parties with you. I don't need you. But at the end of the game I'll pat you on the butt and say, 'Good game.' Guys think that I'm dirty because I play football the old-school way.

On his reputation affecting his Pro Bowl status

How could I only make it twice? Opposing fans may not like me. Opposing players definitely would never vote for me. But the QB and the offensive coordinator are always looking for number 37.

On his idol as a kid living near Chicago

Walter Payton. He wasn't blessed with a lot of speed, but no one worked harder. He had desire.

On going to Western Illinois

I wanted to get away from home and not end up like my buddies who were making minimum wage and hanging out on the streets. I said I'm going to get a scholarship and an education to make my mom proud. Western promised me that, and I played a little football and a little basketball for them in return.

On playing basketball

I was a point guard. I was better at basketball than football, but football suited me. If you knock somebody's head off on the court, it's a foul and you're probably going to get ejected. In football I can assert my personality.

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