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October 23, 2006
Dangerous Game
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October 23, 2006


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Dangerous Game

I laughed when my Oct. 2 SI arrived just as I was leaving to visit my orthopedic surgeon. In an ill-advised act of Steelers fanaticism, while watching the game I broke my hand punching the floor. My subtitle to your headline is, EVEN THE FANS FEEL THE PAIN. (For others similarly afflicted, drywall is more forgiving than subflooring—unless, of course, you find a stud.)
Doug Fairchild, Aston, Pa.

Wait, it had been 15 years since the Cincinnati Bengals won a division championship (Breakthrough, Oct. 2), and in that time the Pittsburgh Steelers have had 11 winning seasons and eight division championships—and a Super Bowl title in the year that the Bengals again won the division. Rivalry? The bug doesn't have a rivalry with the windshield.
Stephen Comer, Charlotte

Ice Time

Thank you for your 2006--07 NHL Preview (Oct. 2). I'm glad to see the best sports publication was willing to give the NHL the 20-plus pages it rightly deserves.
Stephen Britt, Mission Viejo, Calif.

Good Catch

SCORECARD (Oct. 2) named Padre Trevor Hoffman's backstop in his record-breaking 479th save as Paul Bako. Who's Paul Bako? Pictured is one of three outstanding San Diego catchers, Josh Bard. (The other two are Rob Bowen and future Hall of Famer Mike Piazza.)
Kevin Rose, San Diego
EDITOR'S NOTE: SI regrets the error.

Dirty Dozen

In Who's Hot, Who's Not (PLAYERS, Oct. 2), Seahawks wide receiver Darrell Jackson implied that the fans in Seattle were the 12th man. I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson, but Texas A&M University is the Home of the 12th Man and has been since 1922. That's great if your fans are loud, but really, do they stand the entire game, never boo, and stay till the end no matter what the score? Please, get your own tradition.
Kevin Pesek, College Station, Texas

A Noble Death

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