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The Pop Culture Grid
Edited by Kostya Kennedy
October 24, 2005
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October 24, 2005

The Pop Culture Grid

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How do sports stars fit in? Favorite nonsports magazine Song you hate the most How much cash in wallet right now? Least favorite food What kind of pet do you have? Last time visited Paris
CRAIG BIGGIO Astros second baseman Bowhunter "Rap. All of it" $200 Fish Two Labs Never
TATUM BELL Broncos RB Ebony Don't Cha "I'm broke as a joke" Squash Two pit bulls Never
TIM MCCARVER Broadcaster Esquire Great Balls of Fire "I don't carry a wallet" "Anything poorly cooked" None Ten years ago
SIMON GAGNE Flyers LW duPont Registry (of fine autos) "Anything from *NSYNC" $200 Eats everything Burmese mountain dog Never